AHT Electric Motors

Through our many years of experience, there is one thing that we have witnessed again and again across industries: breakdowns and downtime that could have been prevented by using quality products.

Therefore, we offer our series of electric motors under our own name – AHT Electric Motors. AHT Electric Motors are quality motors created with the purpose of providing our customers with an efficient, reliable, and safe motor regardless of the industry.

AHT Electric Motors offers three-phase asynchronous motors in either aluminum or cast iron, complying with the highest quality standards and manufactured in accordance with applicable directives and standards, such as IE3 & IE4.

When choosing an electric motor from AHT the benefits are: 

  • Energy efficiency
  • Low noise level
  • Limited vibration
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Fast delivery
  • High flexibility

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